Classic Car Insurance

Not all cars are created equal -- nor are they used the same. There's the typical family car that sees a lot of interior use and abuse and the commuter car that sees a lot of engine wear and tear. Both these are great examples of the ordinary type of car that one gets car insurance for. But if what you have is a classic car, an antique car, or a custom car you've built from nearly scratch, then you have something out of the ordinary and one that deserves its own type of insurance.

Qualifying for Specialized Classic Car Insurance

While we call it 'classic car' insurance, this specialized type of policy is not so limited and other owners of rare and collectible vehicles can apply for it. The most important distinction is that vehicles covered by this type of policy are ones that have enough historical interest or artistic value that translates to them either holding or appreciating in value.

To qualify for classic car insurance, your vehicle should have one of the following attributes:

  • Be manufactured over 25 years ago.
  • If newer than 25 years, the car should be of a notably limited production line or have a unique and rare design that would otherwise cause it to appreciate in value.
  • Have been significantly modified from its original specifications and done so by either a professional in customized cars or in a manner to ensure it is show-quality.
  • Be the result of a replica or professional kit.

In general, to apply for classic car insurance, car owners will typically be asked to prove that their vehicle is stored in a fully enclosed and locked building and that is primarily used for show, pleasure, or club activities.

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