Renters Insurance

If rent your Michigan home, whether that home is a single-family house, condo, apartment, or another type of structure, then you should consider how your items are protected. You probably know that homeowners' insurance is designed to offer financial protection for homeowners, but did you know that there is a similar type of protection you get can get as a renter? It's called renters insurance and it's one of the more important types of policies our team at U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. offers.

Protect Yourself & Your Property With Renters Insurance

  • Protection for storm-damaged belongings. If a severe storm causes a fire due to lightning or hail damages your outside belongings, then you can apply for financial compensation through your renter's insurance policy.
  • Protection from theft. While an insurance policy can't stop you from being a victim of a theft or home robbery, what it can do is offer financial compensation for your stolen items. Some types of policies we offer Negaunee MI residents will even offer reimbursement of costs associated with identity theft.
  • Protection from legal claims. If someone is injured on your property or as a result of an incident like your dog biting their ankle, then your insurance policy will offer both medical reimbursement for the injured party and legal protection should they seek to take you to court.
  • Protection in the event your home is deemed damaged or uninhabitable. If something like a storm or burst water main causes your home to become temporarily uninhabitable as repairs are undertaken, then your renter's insurance policy will come into effect to assist in covering the cost of alternative living arrangements necessary while your landlord or property management team restores your home. Don't think you need this? Check again. While some leases do offer protection in the event of a disaster in the form of rent suspension, others won't and regardless, you will be on the hook for finding and paying for alternative living arrangements.

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