Commercial Insurance

Running a business in Michigan automatically makes you susceptible to certain types of legal problems. Commercial insurance packages can offer you the protective blanket that you need during such times. If you don't yet have coverage, we urge you to consider speaking to us at U.P. Insurance Agency. Here's why.

Bodily Injuries And Property Damage

Many things can happen in a Michigan business during the course of operations. Bodily injuries can sometimes occur if your customers stumble across a dangerous situation. Commercial insurance is there to protect you from such a situation. The policy will cover the expenses for the bodily injuries inflicted on your customers, and it will also cover property damage.

Personal Injury and Advertising

Personal injuries occur when people get hurt as a result of someone's neglect. A consumer might one day accuse your business of causing a personal injury, and that person may want your business to pay medical expenses and other compensation. A commercial insurance policy can help to cover those costs as well as any court costs that may fall upon the establishment.

Medical Payment Liability

You might be held liable to pay for a patron's doctor's visits, treatment plans, medications, or therapies during that person's recovery period. Commercial insurance is there to help your business cope with such expenses. The state will most likely require you to have commercial insurance to operate your business. Allow us to help you get the right policy for your business's size. You'll be under no obligation to purchase it.

Now you know why it's a good idea to purchase commercial insurance from our firm at U.P. Insurance Agency in Negaunee, MI. The next step is for you to contact us for an obligation-free insurance quote. We will never try to force you to purchase insurance. We'll only educate you and tailor a policy that will protect your business from harm and keep you up-to-date with the state's regulations on keeping insurance.