Condo Insurance

You might think that your Condo Association has you covered, but that might not be the case. Condo Association insurance only covers certain aspects of the property you own. Therefore, you may want to consider investing in some condo insurance. These are some of the elements that such insurance will cover that Condo Association coverage won't:

The Inside of Your Condo

Your Condo Association protection isn't designed to cover your entire building. A lot of associations don't tell the residents that, but it's the ugly truth. Such coverage will only provide compensation for shared common areas such as hallways, playgrounds, and building exteriors. You might get stuck with huge expenses without additional coverage. You must contact U.P. Insurance Agency if you would like well-rounded protection against any damages that can happen to any part of the property on which you reside.

Your Personal Belongings

A good condominium insurance policy will also protect your personal property. You can feel safe about your furniture, electronics, jewelry, and other items that you store inside of your home.

Loss of Use Expenses

Condominium insurance will also cover you if something happens that causes your home to be inhabitable. For example, the policy may cover your hotel expenses while you wait for restorations on your condo.

The amount of coverage you receive depends on your situation and your needs. You can find out your options by discussing it with one of our agents. We'll help you find a policy that's affordable and effective in protecting you.

U.P. Insurance Agency is here to help you get the coverage you deserve for your condo. Our agents will speak with you about your unique needs and then provide you with a quote for a policy that fulfills those needs. You are not obligated to purchase a policy in any way. Therefore, you have nothing to lose. Call us or stop by today and ask about condominium insurance.