Motorcycle Insurance

Keep yourself and your bike safe on the open road with our motorcycle insurance. Whether it is enjoying the vineyards and sand dunes of Leelanau County, cruising across the Upper Peninsula, or riding along the Great Lakes’ shores, reliable motorcycle insurance from U.P. Insurance Agency, can always keep you covered.

Motorcycle insurance is generally what you take out to secure your motorbike from various circumstances. Based on the policy you take out, you can be in a position to claim back costs resulting from vandalism, theft, and damage caused by road accidents.

What Do You Need To Know About Motorcycle Insurance Coverage?

If you live in Michigan, you already know that the weather can change abruptly. A laid-back afternoon cruise could suddenly turn stormy. Thus, it is prudent that you get trusted coverage that helps you cope in such circumstances. Look no further! Our affordable motorcycle insurance is tailored to suit your specific requirements and budget with a wide range of coverage options. Go ahead and discover all that the motorcycle insurance coverage U.P. Insurance Agency offers.

Apart from a wide variety of coverages, you can always access protection for various types of bikes. What’s more, you can have multiple bikes on a single motorcycle insurance policy.

What Are the Motorcycle Insurance Discounts?

In general, U.P. Insurance Agency provides multiple discounts that assist in saving. Go ahead and discover our motorcycle insurance discounts and get started right away!

Is Motorcycle Insurance A Necessity?

The short answer is YES. Motorcycle insurance is a requirement, and you should provide proof of insurance before registering your motorcycle. Typically, the consequences of riding uninsured can include different penalties such as license suspension and fines. If you’re involved in an accident, but uninsured, you will have to incur out-of-pocket vehicle and other medical costs.

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