Classic Car Insurance Requirements and Options in Michigan

If you have recently purchased or restored a classic car, you may be wondering what type of insurance policy is required to protect your investment of hard work, money, and time. While classic car insurance requirements and options in Michigan are similar to those in other states, there are some unique aspects to consider, according to the classic car insurance agents at the U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. serving the Negaunee, MI area.

Classic Car Insurance in Michigan

First of all, in the state of Michigan, your vehicle must be at least 25 years old and used only for pleasure or expedition purposes, such as car shows or parades, to be considered a classic car. You must always have a regular used vehicle on hand for everyday driving because most classic car insurance policies will limit the number of miles you can drive per year.

Classic Car Insurance Options

When it comes to your classic car insurance, it will be based on the agreed value policy. This is because this type of policy guarantees that if your car is a total loss due to a weather event, accident, or some other tragic situation, you will receive the full amount of the value of the car that was agreed upon when you started your policy, rather than a depreciated amount that a regular car insurance policy would pay out. This helps to protect the investment you made in your classic car.

You can also obtain auto liability coverage for your classic car, which is required under Michigan law when you’re driving your vehicle on a public roadway. This will help cover any damage you cause to someone else’s property or any injuries that are sustained in an accident that is deemed to be your fault.

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The Basics of Michigan Recreational Insurance

Are you seeking coverage for your outdoor activities and adventures in the Great Lake State? As a responsible Michigander, it’s essential to protect yourself and your investments by acquiring recreational insurance. U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. serving Negaunee, MI, offers tailored insurance policies to safeguard you while you explore Michigan’s breathtaking landscapes.

Recreational Insurance: The Basics

Recreational insurance, designed to cover various leisure activities, is often overlooked by residents and vacationers alike. Whether it’s boating, snowmobiling, or riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), having the right insurance in place will ensure you have peace of mind and financial protection in case of accidents, damages, or injuries.

In Negaunee, MI, U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. specializes in providing customized recreational insurance solutions for residents and visitors. With expert knowledge of the unique challenges faced by outdoor enthusiasts in Michigan, the agency is well-equipped to guide you in choosing the right coverage for your needs. Here, we will discuss some basics of Michigan recreational insurance to help you make informed decisions.

Boating Insurance:

Michigan is home to numerous lakes and waterways, making it a popular destination for boating enthusiasts. Boating insurance is essential in protecting your vessel, passengers, and yourself from potential financial loss due to accidents, theft, or damage.

Snowmobile Insurance:

With its long, snowy winters, Michigan is an ideal playground for snowmobile enthusiasts. Snowmobile insurance covers physical damage to the vehicle, liability for property damage, and bodily injury to others involved in accidents.

ATV Insurance:

ATVs are popular for traversing Michigan’s rugged terrain. ATV insurance policies cover damages and injuries sustained while operating these vehicles, ensuring that you’re financially protected in the event of an accident.

RV Insurance:

Whether you own a motorhome or a travel trailer, RV insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your home-on-wheels. It safeguards against damages, theft, and liability claims.

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Why every renter should carry renters insurance

Renters insurance provides valuable protection, and yet many people don’t have it. We are not quite sure why not, but we feel that it is our responsibility to make sure that any of our customers who are renters understand the danger of not having this coverage. At U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. in Negaunee, MI, our team is experienced in all types of insurance, and we share that knowledge with our customers. 

Why Renters Insurance?

When you are renting, much of what you own in the world may be in your rental. What will happen if your rental is destroyed? You will have to replace all of your possessions at one time. Is that something you are financially able to do? If not, it is worth considering how you can make yourself safer with renters insurance. 

Many renters don’t bother with rental insurance because they believe that their landlord or management company has insurance that will protect them from whatever bad might happen. There is little doubt that they do have insurance to protect their property, but what they have does not include what you own. You are on your own. 

Renters insurance also provides liability insurance so that if someone is injured while visiting your rental, they will be covered by your insurance. This coverage also extends to a member of your family away from home causing damage to someone else’s property. 

What would you do if your rental was damaged so badly that you couldn’t live there while it is being repaired? If you have renters insurance, you will be able to stay in a hotel or get a temporary rental until you can move back in. 

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Points on Your License: What it Means for Your Auto Insurance

There’s not much that feels worse than seeing police lights in your rearview mirror, knowing you’re about to get a ticket. Here, we’ll take a look at how getting points on your license can affect your insurance. 

Points on Your License & Auto Insurance

First, it’s important to know the laws around license points in your state. Not all states use a point system to keep track of driving records, which means that getting a ticket won’t necessarily add points to your license. When you get a speeding ticket, ask the officer whether points will be assigned to your license. 

If your ticket adds points to your license, explore whether you have options for having the points removed. In some cases, you can go to traffic school to have points removed from your license. 

Talk with your insurance agent after you get a ticket that adds points to your license for more information on how the points will affect your rates. It’s possible that the points added to your license will increase your premium for a time. You’ll want to know how long the points will affect your insurance rates, and whether you’re eligible for any discounts that can offset the increased premium resulting from the points on your license.

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Tips to prepare your home for a storm

If you live in an area prone to storms like Negaunee, MI, it is important that you take steps to protect your home.

Below are some tips from the team at U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. on how to prepare your home for a storm.

Prepare your home for a storm

1. Make sure all windows and doors are closed tightly. This will help keep water from getting into your house, as well as help prevent debris from entering during high winds.

2. Clear away any loose items from around the outside of the house such as garbage cans, potted plants, and furniture. These items can be picked up by strong winds and can cause damage to your property or even injure someone if left unattended.

3. Check your roof for any missing or damaged shingles and make repairs if necessary. This will help protect your home from potential water damage.

4. Trim any trees or bushes near your house that could be at risk of falling in strong winds.

5. Have an emergency kit prepared with essential items such as flashlights, batteries, a first-aid kit, and drinking water. You should also make sure you have extra food on hand and that your phone is fully charged in the event of a power outage.

6. Make sure all family members know what to do in the case of an emergency, including where to go for shelter, who to contact for help, and what supplies to take with them if evacuating.

7. Prepare important documents such as birth certificates, passports, wills, and insurance policies in the event that they get damaged or lost. These should be stored in a waterproof container or bag.

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Do all Michigan boat owners need to have boat insurance?

Owning a boat in the Negaunee, MI area could be a great idea. Similar to other areas of the state, there are a lot of great places to use your own boat during the summer months in this part of Michigan. When you are going to own a boat here, you will want to know that it is fully insured and covered.

There are various reasons boat owners here will need to retain this coverage:

Ensure The Boat is Covered

An important reason for anyone to carry boat insurance when in this state is to ensure the boat is covered. If you are going to buy a boat, you will want to use it for a very long time. When you have this insurance, it will ensure you can make repairs and replacement of the boat if certain losses are incurred. Boat insurance can protect against various risks including theft, accidental damage, or vandalism. 

Stay Compliant

You will also want to have a boat insurance plan to stay in compliance with any and all requirements. Boat insurance is going to be required for many people. If you take out a boat loan, lease a boat slip, or want to use certain waterways, you could be required to carry insurance. Having boat insurance will keep you in compliance with such requirements. 

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Commercial Umbrella Insurance: The Basics

When you own a business, you need to make sure that you maintain the correct types of insurance. In certain situations, liability coverage alone is simply not enough, and could eventually lead to unforeseen costs for your business. That is where commercial umbrella insurance comes in.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance: The Basics

Often referred to as excess liability, umbrella insurance coverage is an extra amount of coverage that allows you to secure your assets better than you could with regular liability insurance. In short, umbrella insurance adds an extra layer of protection for such complicated and stressful situations as expensive lawsuits.

Commercial umbrella insurance comes in handy when liability insurance coverage has been surpassed. This is a common issue with businesses, as there are things that can occur that may be out of your control.

For example, a customer could injure themselves or destroy parts of the building. Particularly if the injuries are severe or if the building is heavily damaged (i.e., if a customer accelerated into the business and obliterated walls and windows, or if someone fell and knocked down shelves in the process), this would call for an extra amount of coverage to allocate towards repairs as well as costs of bodily injury.

You may be considering this policy for your business. U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. in Negaunee, MI can provide you with the expertise needed to figure out the best commercial umbrella insurance policy.

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When should you review your auto insurance?

Like most things in life, auto insurance is not one-and-done. It needs to change with the changes that are happening in your life. At U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. in Negaunee, MI we have been providing personalized service to our customers since 1987. As independent insurance agents, we can offer more choices and value. 

When should you review your auto insurance?

At renewal

Generally speaking, if no event has happened that requires that you review your insurance coverage, it should be done yearly when your auto insurance renews. When your new auto insurance policy arrives either in the mail or digitally, the front page is called the declaration page. It is a review of what your coverage is. It will list the drivers, the vehicles, the liability coverage, as well as any other coverage you may have. 

Take the time to make sure all the amounts make sense. If your assets have increased, you may want to increase your liability coverage. If you have added a teen driver, you may want to increase liability coverage. 

Look at your other coverage. Have any of your vehicles gotten to the age where paying for collision and comprehensive doesn’t make sense?  Check to see if you have full glass coverage, tow coverage or roadside service. Also, check your deductible. 

When you add a new vehicle

When you add a new vehicle, it is a good time to review all of your coverage. Is your deductible the right amount? Do you need to add gap coverage to protect your investment in your vehicle? 

When you add a new driver

When you add a new driver, it is the perfect time to make sure you review all of your coverage and make sure the right driver is attached to the correct vehicle. 

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Choosing a commercial policy that will include fleet protection

The U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. team is here to help the greater Negaunee, MI business community with all of its insurance needs. We can review your current policy for completeness and ensure that you have the protection your company needs. Schedule a consultation today!

The importance of fleet protection for commercial businesses

If you own a company that relies on a commercial fleet, it is important that it is properly covered. Without working vehicles, your cash flow, revenue, and stability can all be affected. Imagine what could happen to your bottom line if your vehicles weren’t operational for a significant length of time!

With a commercial policy that includes comprehensive fleet coverage, your company can have the protection it needs. Reviewing the available options with a local agent is the first step in finding an appropriate policy for your unique needs. With this coverage, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your company can weather future storms! 

Schedule a consultation today to review your current policy and determine if it is sufficient for your firm’s needs. Without adequate fleet protection, your company may grind to a halt if your vehicles are involved in an accident or are otherwise rendered unusable and cause your business to suffer.

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Business owners in Negaunee, MI and the surrounding area can rely on the team at U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. We are here to help you protect all of the hard work that you have put into your company. We understand that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build and maintain success! Call our office today and schedule a consultation to learn more about the commercial policies that are available in our area.

Should a Sole Proprietor Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

If you are self-employed, you may be wondering if you need to get workers’ compensation insurance. The answer to this question depends on a few factors, including the type of business you have and the state you live in. In general, worker’s compensation insurance is not required by law for sole proprietors in Negaunee, MI. However, there are some distinct benefits U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. would like you to be aware of.

Why You Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance as a Sole Proprietor

Sole proprietors should have workers’ compensation insurance because it provides financial protection if they are injured on the job. If a sole proprietor is injured and cannot work, workers’ compensation insurance will provide them with a portion of their lost wages. Additionally, many clients will require contractors to have workers’ comp coverage as a part of their agreement for work.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover for Sole Proprietors?

Although there are some exceptions, workers’ compensation insurance covers most injuries that occur during employment. Workers’ compensation also covers death benefits for employees who die while on the job. However, certain conditions need to be met, including the fact that the employee must have been in the process of doing their job at the time of the incident.

How to Get Workers’ Compensation Insurance as a Sole Proprietor

Sole proprietors have a lot of responsibilities, from taking care of the business’s day-to-day operations to serving clients and maintaining a work environment. If you own a business in Negaunee, MI and cover the insurance costs on your own, contact U.P. Insurance Agency Inc. today to learn more about workers’ compensation insurance.